Friday, 21 April 2017

Easter Weekend

Spring lamb!

 The nearest I could find to one, at the little church which we visit through the woods....

Their window displays and Easter garden were beautiful... we happened upon a lady who cares for the Church, who gave us some history... this is St Bartholomews at Burstow... John Flamsteed, who founded The Royal Observatory, was an astronomer and the first astronomer to the Royal Family.  He was also rector at this church from 1684-1719 and is buried here.  He cataloged 3000 stars and was the first to notice Uranus.  One of the stained glass windows in the church was placed to commemorate him.  There is a little sunday school building opposite built by him. 

It was Flamsteed who taught us the use of the telescope and who showed longitude at sea, gave us the position of the sun, moon and stars and showed how to foretell the weather.  What an important history and connection for a small, humble, village!  There is more history to this church which I will tell you about another time no doubt as I can sense you are nodding off.... 
Here's something more if you haven't....

  The woods are still crammed with lucky to have these so close.

One of my favourite bloggers, Pompom, suggested drawing Easter dresses a while ago, here's mine.... I think it would look pretty in a woodland bluebell setting, maybe a few robins and woodpeckers flying overhead and some butterflies skittering past.  It's fun to doodle, there are lots of adult colouring books available now for those who need a start, I think this sort of thing is therapeutic for all and not just reserved for children.

Hope you enjoyed the Easter weekend.  For many of us it's a time of reflection, celebration and hope.  For me it is a time of renewal.  What better way to feel renewed than out in the fresh air, walking....

On a four hour walk with college boy this weekend, hidden amongst the dandelions, we spotted tiny wild strawberry plants.  So small the fruit is only likely to be big enough for a fairy, but apparently they taste much stronger than supermarket variety, despite their size, hope I get to taste one.  .....

So many wildflowers around, borage and herb robert and dead nettle here.

I have been buying these pretty little pink marguerita type daisies - last year they flowered all Summer.  They were £2 each in the market and will grow quite large.

My lovely neighbours gave me pannetone- delicious and wrapped with pretty yellow ribbon so I will sign off now and tuck in.


  1. Your Easter dress is stunning! A fairy's gown! I love it, truly!
    The little church certainly does have a beautiful history. It's perfect.
    And the bluebells- thank you for sharing your woods, Betty. ❤️

  2. Spring is such a beautiful time, especially where the wild flowers grow. Wild strawberries are very tasty!

  3. I haven't heard of Flamsteed but what a visionary he was.
    I love your Easter dress sketch.
    Lovely photos of your walk. Wild strawberries (I've always called them Alpine strawberries) grow in abundance in our garden, they're quite sour and absolutely amazing with wild rocket and lashings of balsamic vinegar! xxx

  4. Lovely Easter post Betty. I always love your spring time posts as your bluebells are so stunning. I have those wild strawberries growing in my garden - they do taste lovely. I had one small pot that i put in & it self seeded everywhere.

  5. isn't it wonderful that life is blooming and color is bursting forth!

  6. I'm very impressed with John Flamsteed! I never knew! I love seeing your beautiful woods, and your Easter dress is just delightful! I haven't seen any wild strawberries, but we do have wild raspberries which are fun to eat, though very small.


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