Saturday, 26 December 2015


Several days of eating, drinking and being merry and I'm ready 
to get back to work and to the gym!  

All of our tableware has come from £1 shops over the years - the Poundland crackers were just as good as expensive ones and the plates and tableware from similar shops have been added to whenever the design pops up (this year we got the matching dessert bowls!)  and have served us well many times.  The tablecloth I made some years ago with a cut from a discount fabric shop - it doesn't need ironing which is a bonus.  We ate well - a traditional roast turkey crown and Christmas pudding.  Our sons were home so we shared chocolate and fizzy wine too - our Spanish neighbours brought us home made sugared caramel almonds.  My Penpal Anne sent the most beautiful carnations and gold twig bouquet with chocolates... I have felt loved and blessed.

Ambercat had her own plate of turkey and gravy, candlelight becomes her.

The door wreath has survived well.

I read Peace and Plenty (Sarah Ban Breathnach) - disappointing I am afraid - her earlier book, Simple Abundance, was lovely, it made an impact on me and I kept a thankfulness journal as a result.   That book made her a millionairess; she invested her money in property, lifestyle, staff to maintain the lifestyle and possessions.  Peace and Plenty reveals that all was lost to her third husband, she was penniless yet didn't seem to draw on her own advice from Simple Abundance and lost her way. Peace and Plenty is a confused rambling which relied heavily on wise old owl quotes from other authors, I think she was drowning, writing to pay bills, desperate and had lost not only her wealth but her own identity.   Did you read it and feel any different?

Today I am thinking of the people here in the UK who are dealing with severe flooding, and am grateful to be in a warm house ironing shirts for the three men - watching catch up of Call the Midwife and choosing a replacement oven online in the sales (ours has been faulty for some time and finally gave up after the Christmas dinner had cooked!)... something for my thankfulness journal.

|My little lemon tree has been busy producing fruit due to the 
mild winter so there's something else to be pleased about.


  1. How amazing to have lemons in Winter!

  2. Sounds like you had a lovely Christmas x

  3. Glad it all went well. It ain't finished for me yet! One son and his family to see tomorrow when they come for a late Christmas dinner (roast beef in slow cooker as we speak, couldn't face anymore turkey!), then Mum to go and see on Monday because she couldn't make it to my sister's yesterday due to prevailing weather! Hope your flowers are holding up. Love your table settings. What a sad story about that lady who wrote those

  4. Beautiful Betty. Merry Christmas to you & your family. I was interested to read about that book ... I would be keen to read version 1 I think. And yes, Ambercat does suit candlelight.

  5. You created a beautiful table and the food sounds luscious.

    An interesting take on that book, and agree she wrote it to get out of debt. Sad that her need was so great. Merry Holidays, now that Christmas is over, But have a blessed Advent season!

  6. Your table is extra lovely, Betty! I'm glad you had a happy celebration. That's very sad about Sarah B. VERY sad. Her words were used to encourage and they will still set right with people, but how very sad that things in her life took a downward turn.
    I hope you are enjoying walks and tea. Sending lots of love your way!

  7. I am also glad to not have any worries of flooding or landslides. I can hardly believe a new year is around the corner!

  8. That's a sad story about Ms. Breathnach. I'd read bits of the first book. Glad you had a nice Christmas. Yes, it is good to get back to the routine. :)

  9. What a cheery table and a gorgeous candlelit kitty! Glad you had the day you wanted.
    The floods are grim, I can't imagine how those poor people are feeling. xxx

  10. That second book sounds very sad, I haven't read it.


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