Saturday, 19 September 2015

Well here I am again, the one who wasn't blogging any more - I seem to have found a way to give myself more time - it's called 'getting organised' and involves planning my time so that things like boring old housework and food shopping and laundry get done to a schedule... it works!

Planning also means I eat better - I could never be bothered to prepare fruit but these nectarines were worth the effort!  They are my current addiction.

I treated myself to an Ikea visit - there were many temptations but I resisted, found bargains (wine glasses for 50p each and soft, easy dry bath mats - justifiable outlay with three men who are always in the shower!) then I 'stumbled upon' these delicious frozen cinnamon buns to pop in the oven, what a perfect start to a Saturday, a little bit lazy but I have the day off work and felt it was a worthy family treat, maybe I will find a recipe and make my own next time when I am feeling more industrious!

Do you like my new tweed buttons? they are for the pink coat I found earlier this year in the sales but I didn't like the brown plastic buttons it came with and wanted something prettier.  It took ages to find the 'right ones' and this lady was very helpful, we emailed pictures of coat in exchange for pictures of suggested buttons and the deal was done!

Buttons from Anne Molley at Tweedco via Etsy

Button inspection by Amber
I dabbled with the silk paints, briefly...  .

I was craving all things orange the day I painted this.  Colour has quite an impact on my mood and I am certain it has an affect on our health.  Orange is a healing and spiritual colour, ins't it?

Autumn has arrived in the UK ... don't you think this Season makes you want to be indoors with a good book?   These are my eagerly awaited new books (not able to find in my library so purchased second hand on Amazon Marketplace):  I have wanted these two for ages, hope they are as good as they look....,204,203,200_.jpg,204,203,200_.jpg

 I made scones and bought fresh clotted cream and thick strawberry jam - do you put the cream on first or the jam? everyone has their own ideas about this in our house!

Hubby made dinner yesterday, this is tabbouleh  made with bulgar wheat, chopped corriander, parsley and mint, red onion, tomato and cucumber.  Very delicious, we had ours with falafel, chicken tikka and hummous.

This quote (from my Susan Branch calendar) is so very true, sometimes it feels like nothing wonderful ever happens, but then when you look back you find it did - some prayers have been answered already, others are pending, I have to trust in God that all will be well with the world and try not to worry about 'stuff'.

Here's old Ambercat, and, yes,  she is getting old now, she sleeps all day and night and only potters round the garden briefly these days, she has become a little bit fragile although still playful - we gave her some new toys and she has become spritely for short intervals.

I had to throw this picture in - of my son's boxer shorts - while I was doing the laundry I had the song 'they called him smarty pants' going round my head, then I realised why!

I will leave you with a linky for more pictures of this little rat and his teddy, isn't it delightful!

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  1. Hi Betty! Smarty pants! Funny!
    Your silk painting is lovely and the buttons are PERFECT for that pink coat!
    I hope you love your new books. I liked One Thousand Gifts.
    Oh how I wish I had a scone with cream and jam right now! Looks delish!
    Take care, sweet and good friend.

  2. I did enjoy reading that, Betty, Lots to look at and think about...and cinnamon buns too! My favourite.

  3. I am so happy you are able to continue an occasional post! I am having difficulty getting organized and glad to hear someone has accomplished that goal! Have you ever had a plucot? It is a blend between a plum and an apricot and is absolutely mouth-wateringly delicious!! My dad used to grow them and we loved sitting and eating and letting the juice drip down our chins! Mmmmm!
    That photo of the rat with the teddy bear is so adorable!!

    1. I have never heard of a plucot! not sure we would have them in the UK. Yes, the little rat is so sweet - there are some more pictures of him and his friends on the link, apparently his owner makes little teddies for him to cuddle.

    2. Technically they are plumcots, but around here they are often known by pluot, which is a brand name.... Plucot seems like it should be an option, too! This site makes a distinction, though, between various hybrids. Very interesting....

  4. It's a woman's prerogative to say she isn't blogging and then blog anyway. ;) Ratty is very sweet. Love those boxers!

  5. Your orange painting is lovely and cheery Betty! Oh and it has to be clotted cream first, then jam x

  6. That was a good day! Glad to see you back

  7. I'm so glad you are back blogging Betty. I live your silk painting and all those foodie delights. I feel hungry. Those scones look yummy. I put jam on first but to be honest I just enjoy eating them any way round! ;)

  8. Last time I made scones someone thought they were rock cakes! I did make some raspberry jam yesterday though and it was a great success! I really love your pink coat and those buttons are perfect for it. I must try and eat healthily, that dish looks amazing, I could almost taste it through the screen! Just remembered I've got some Falafel in the fridge, might make a start tomorrow - it's another day, after all! Have a great week, Pal. x

  9. Hi Betty, I think your new tweed buttons are just beautiful. As are your silk paintings ... orange is such a cheery colour I think. Ambercat is looking much older than when I first started following your blog ... she is beautiful though.

  10. Ambercat is just lovely, what an inquisitive little madam.
    I love tabbouleh, I haven't had it in ages. Maybe you should send your husband over here, he really does create some mouthwatering dishes! xxx

  11. Hello Betty, isn't it good to be able to flow with life. I love nectarines too. Our early varieties will be ready in just 2 months...amazing! I love your coat. The buttons look just right on it. I very much liked One Thousand Gifts when I read it. Very intriguing writing style. Have a lovely week. Much love, Catherine xx

  12. You are back!!!

    It seems that most bloggers, who go on holiday, come back. It seems that what they really needed, was away for a bit. And then, blogging called again. And they figured out the best way to do it, for them.

    Gentle hugs,

  13. Those buttons were definitely an inspired addition to the coat! I would never have thought of such a thing myself...

    Orange flowers.... I have engaged the help of a landscape designer, and at the first meeting, sitting on the patio contemplating my barren brown palette, she asked me what colors of flowers I liked. I said, "Orange, purple, blue, pale yellow, clear red...." and on and on I went. She said I am rare in liking orange, most people she talks to don't want orange flowers. But maybe most of them aren't gardeners themselves!

  14. Sorry it took so long for another visit to your blog. So glad to read that I'm not the only one who has difficulties with "time management". There really seems to be not enough hours in a day.
    Love to read that I'm not the only "fool" who buys new buttons when I don't like the original ones!
    Must follow your example and getting organised so I can visit more often!
    Have a good week! Anita x


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