Sunday, 4 January 2015


The church song 'This is the Day that The Lord has Made' has been in my head this week and has moved me towards my resolution to enjoy the present moment;  every day is precious and every moment is valuable.

At the end of last year I had a health scare and had to get checked out.  Everything turned out fine
but the experience left me thinking very much about all the things I take for granted.
It's so important to enjoy the day we are in and to get the best out of every hour of it! 

These are the promises I made to myself - feel free to make them yours too ......

Make time to rest my body, be creative and enjoy quiet time
  Make  time spent with my family quality time
Read books - something I enjoy and would like to do more of
Paint - I often tell myself housework is more important -but a messy home is a creative home!
Exercise - Swimming 3 times a week is my treat and I look forward to it
Work - do a good job when I am there; forget about it completely when I am not!
Be thankful - for everything!

Savings: Keep up the good work

In my 2014 Sealed Pot Challenge our family saved £273 from finding free parking, taking packed lunches, using coupons and cashback websites and shopping carefully within a budget.
We were so surprised when we opened that tin and found how well we had done!
For us, half the fun of saving up was speculating about what we would do with our sealed pot money!  Now we are 'there' we can't make up our minds- a weekend somewhere - no doubt about that - I am sure we will reach a decision soon!

While we were on holiday over Christmas we realised we were saving on heating, fuel/travel costs, food/drink and presents, so we were able to buy our sons laptops.  Oldest boy was managing at Uni with the computers in the library and teenage boy's laptop had just gone bust - so it was good timing.

2015 Start a saving plan for another holiday!  
We have no idea how much we can save or where we would like to go, whether we can save enough to go this year or in 2016 - but we will make a start - I will do a review post in June.

So lots to be grateful for in 2014 and plenty of plans for the year ahead.  How about you? any promises or resolutions for you?
The hotel we stayed at made these pretty flower petal arrangements -they were so nice to come across
It's the small things that matter to me these days as they are so easily missed.

Thanks for stopping by - come back soon.


  1. A lovely post Betty & a lovely photo of you. Sorry I have missed some of your recent posts but have had my Mum staying so computer time limited. Happy New Year to you - I enjoy your blog very much x0x

    1. Hope all is well with your mum - thanks for stopping by:)

  2. I love your goals, and want to do much of the same. It is so nice to read everyones positive affirmations for the year. Congratulaitons on your savings.

    1. I love this time of year, all the planning and getting organised and focused! thanks for visiting.

  3. Hello Betty and a very happy New Year! I'm going to start a pot too, what a brilliant idea xx

    1. You might enjoy being part of the Sealed Pot Challenge then! here's the link:

  4. Live in the moment and making the most of every moment has always been my mantra too. Well done on your savings. I need to take a leaf out of your book. Happy New Year.
    Jacqui xx

  5. I'm very impressed with what you have accomplished and that you've all worked together to accomplished. I love your goals too. You had a nice vacation and that too is amazing.
    Happy New Year Betty and many blessings.

  6. Yes, live for the day. I can't be doing with wishlists, resolutions or goals. Who know what is around the corner.
    Happy New Year. xxx

  7. Hi Betty! You're a good saver! I love it that your whole family has bought (sorry for the pun) into this and that you are all enjoying the outcome!
    That's such a pretty photo of you!

  8. Great pic of you! Solid bit of planning there, Betty. Well done. All the best for this coming year to you and yours. x

  9. I just want to enjoy every day and treasure every moment. I am starting anew after husbands passing so there is so much discovery of myself and my life!

  10. Hi Betty, Happy New Year to you, Sounds like 2014 was a good one and 2015 a year to look forward to. Love your sealed pot idea, its right up my street. we do a jar of happiness where we post dated notes about little moments of joy that happen throughout the year and then we open on New years day. Its such a joy


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