Sunday, 6 July 2014

Vintage Finds

My small collection of vintage finds grew a little this week.

what a beautiful pattern those little dishes had after a good clean!

The glassware I thought at first were candlesticks but have found they are old thistle design toothpick holders,extremely heavy and in perfect condition.  They were dirty and full of blue tac but cleaned up well.  Charity shops have the most unexpected surprises sometimes.

The white damask tablecloth was in need of a good wash and iron and is now in pristine condition.  The other two tablecloths were finds from previous years and came out for a wash and freshen up. (the grey spots are from my camera lens which has seen better days!).

The crockery will make useful paint palettes.
No point in having things that don't serve a purpose I always think, I will enjoy using these things.

This is my favourite spot for reading at the moment....the intense colour is a slight distraction, I find my eyes wandering from my book to my flowers, and back again.

And this is what I'm reading from the lovely library in Lingfield ...

she writes daily of the things she sees and illustrates them so well, an orderly person who watched the world go by at a slow and purposeful pace I think.

 Ambercat enjoying the feel of damp fallen laundry beneath her on a hot day!

Hubby came for a walk in the woods and across the fields.  We found elderberry, blackberry and strawberry forming but not ripe, and grasses waist high.  A field with a path of clover waiting for fairy footsteps and all these beautiful wildflowers as far as the eye could see.  We have been rushing too much, working too hard (especially him) and have not been taking enough time for these magic moments.... infact, we have been in a very stressful mode for far too long, a visit to another blog reminded me of this as they had a similar experience and had to stop and regroup.  We have to do that too, health, peace of mind and family is more important than paying the bills even though they must be paid.....

What are you planning for July?
If you're in the My Home To Your Home Swap - days out are a great way to
get inspiration and to find little odds and ends to
 put in your package.


  1. Replies
    1. I just love the colours and pattern, cups would be good but you can't always have everything!

  2. Hi Betty! Aw! Amber is looking VERY cute! I have that book and I'm going to pull it out and examine it more closely!
    Your "new" dishes remind me of Hyacinth Bucket's hand-painted periwinkles!

  3. How lovely your little garden corner is, Betty. I have a similar one full of colour and so enjoy taking an early morning coffee out there.

  4. Hey pal. I love your little plates - are they forget-me-nots?I know what you mean about colour - I am really enjoying looking around my garden at the mo with everything in full bloom - very uplifting. I'm glad you had a 'walk-in-the-woods date with Hubby. I'm all about mindfulness at the moment too.Have been in touch with my swap partner, Julie and she's lovely and what a seamstress! I've got my work cut out! Have a good week, Betty. Will write soon. xxx
    ps AmberCat looks very serene even under a pile of laundry!

  5. Just beautiful Betty - I have one saucer in the same pattern as your china dishes with the blue flowers. Yes I love to come across vintage finds in the charity shops too - its amazing how a good scrub up can transform them, Have a lovely week Betty - so nice to visit your blog & enjoy all the colour x0x0

  6. Love the finds! The bird songs that play when I come to your blog attract my cats. They keep seeking the bird!

  7. The paint mixing saucers and Ambercat basking in the sunshine are both gorgeous.
    Oh for some time off but we're working every weekend from now until the end of September - my July plans involve some speed charity shopping to top up the stockroom! xxx

  8. Hello Betty, what delightful vintage finds. Yes, I agree these things should be put to use. What charming paint palettes you have! I adore all that vibrant colour in your conservatory. It can be quite a challenge to get the balance is so easy to over-do the work bit & not always easy to pull back & pace things better. We do so need breathing spaces though, don't we. I'm glad that you had a nice meadow walk together & hope you'll return soon for some foraging. Our elderberry tonic & fermented cod-liver oil, taken daily have made the world of difference to us both this winter. Just as well as Rob just checked his job contract & found that he's not entitled to any sick leave for the first 6 months. Much love to you Catherine x0x

  9. You found some great stuff at the charity shops Betty, the china is very pretty, as is the cut glass. There are still some good finds but its all down to luck on the day and a good eye for spotting things I think!
    The book looks lovely, very restful.Must keep and eye for it, havent seen it in a while. Hope you enjoyed your walk.
    Gill xx

  10. You have all my favorite things here! A soft kitty, pretty dishes, a book to read amongst the flowers - and table linens! I love those. Thank you for sharing. As I was typing and listening to your music my husband came down the stairs saying, "Birds in the house!"


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