Thursday, 2 January 2014

January 2nd 2014

"Lost time is never found again"- Benjamin Franklin

Dear Diary:  I am pleased with my New Year.  The shift change I asked for at work was agreed. I now work two 12 hour days midweek and a Saturday - leaving two days each end of the week free! A bit like having two weekends!  I am very lucky to be able to do this.  I wanted to make time to batch cook and freeze, visit the gym 3 mornings a week and walk in the woods and I have been given the opportunity.  A good start to 2014 and my resolution to VALUE FREE TIME.

Other good news is that our 2014 holiday is now paid.  We changed the way we budgeted in 2013 so that our salaries go straight to our savings account and are drawn from weekly to cover our bills and food costs - we found it much easier to do without or 'go tighter' when the money was already in the saver account,  we are doing this with all our budget again this year - it really works for us as we both get varied income monthly.

I think the thing I will make most use of in 2014 is my library - it's a great way to use some of my valuable free time!

What are your resolutions for 2014?
 Do you have something big to save up for? Plans to travel? A craft you want to learn? Be better organised? 

"The best thing about the future is it comes one day at a time" 
Abraham Lincoln


  1. Happy New Year Betty, and glad everything's working out for you! You've got some good budgeting ideas there, I think the thought of living on a tighter budget can be dismal, but in reality it's not, you just spend and use more wisely and it becomes an addictive way of life!

    Love Claire xxx

  2. Love the quote Betty and quality free time sounds good to us..Have a tremendous Thursday and we hope you had an awesome start to the new year.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Great resolutions Betty and I wish you well with them. I used to love days off during the week as you can get so much more done than you can on a weekend.

    I'm not making any resolutions this year I'm just going to try and go with the flow.

  4. Sounds like your saving plan is working well for you Betty. I haven't made any resolutions but have chosen the word simplify to take me through 2014.

  5. Dear Betty - Your work schedule sounds so nice...wishing you more time to create and enjoy every day. God Bless and Happy New Year.

  6. Betty - good news about your new schedule! Try and do all the things you love to do and haven't had the time. Thanks for visiting 20 North Ora!

  7. G'day Betty. Isn't it fabulous to have time off like that? I now only work three days a week, so my four day break is much treasured. One of those days ( Thursday) is "me" day. It's a day to do whatever I want. Catching up with friends or just sitting in the garden reading a book. I love it. Hubby is home the other three days and we usually go somewhere or do things together. Great that you have your holiday paid for. Happy New Year.


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