Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Happy Wednesday

Today is a day off... I have opened the chocolates my boss gave me for Christmas (was saving for my birthday but this is urgent and life's too short).  I have all my lovely paints out, plenty of brushes for me and Ambercat has her own.  I have flowers ... and time to spare .... happy days, happy painting.





  1. That is so beautiful! Well worth a box of chocolates...

    Thanks for your comment. I've just read an autobiography by a Scottish traveller - very interesting. She never described herself as a Romany but they spoke the cant and travelled and married within their 'breeds'. It was a beautifully told story. Ben's grandmother was of gipsy descent - the Romany travellers used to follow her when she was out and about and tell her: 'you're one of us, you know'. As a little girl from a farm, she found it frightening. The surnames they know from her ancestry are Moon and Rainbird.

  2. How lovely, what a lovely day you had and what a beautiful painting.

  3. Thankyou for your comments and compliments. Floss, it takes one to know one as they say. There is a lovely book called The Wind on the Heath (George Burrows) about the Romany lifestyle.

  4. Thank you for entering my giveaway, I’m actually located in the UK so should you be lucky enough I will have no problem sending to another UK home!

    Victoria xx


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